Starting a Day Care Center


I purchased your product back in February of 2004. Although this is my first venture out into the business world as my own boss... And a single mother. Your product made it flawless. It was extremely thorough, informative, and even supplied me with the business forms I would need to format my clients forms. It is a wonderful product and well worth the price. It even assisted me free of charge to post my Family home care center via the Internet. It saved me hours of research and gave me plenty of informative tid bits I would never have thought of on my own. It was as if you were right here with me guiding me step by step. And it left no question unanswered.

I am deeply grateful for your product and your assistance. It allowed me to remain home with my child to see that she was cared for properly, as well as my clients children. My daughter will come to appreciate you as well in the future for allowing her mom to be where she was needed most. Home raising her!!!

Sincerely Grateful,

Proud Owner of
LiL Darling's Child Care, LLC
Bayonne, NJ

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I like your Daycare product. As an attorney, I am always skeptical of products that promise a lot. However, your product made it possible for me to help my wife set up a home daycare business with minimal effort that now is providing us with a second source of income. This is very important during a period in my life where my current career is uncertain. Thank you for creating such an excellent product."
-John Kenner
San Francisco, CA

"Your Daycare Starter-Kit has a lot of valuable and sound information within. I have studied your guide and now will be opening my own daycare business shortly. I will be using your advise to help me in the course of my endeavor. I recommend this package to anyone starting a daycare or formerly in business. The information in this kit is straightforward and very useful."
-Sheila Moppin
Bronx, NY

"Coming from a book publishing background, I was quite skeptical about an electronic book but two minutes after downloading your Daycare Start-Up Kit, I was sold. Just minutes after I purchased your product online I was reading your guide and and begun planning and organizing my new Daycare business. I am also able to go at my own pace! Thank you so much for making this available online!
-Karen Smith
Los Angeles, CA