Day Care Management Software

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ChildcareWare™ is a daycare management software program that will help your business by easily automating many of the tasks you have to do to run your business. To help with record keeping, it will store child, parent, and pickup person information, photos, childcare rates, enroll dates, immunization histories, and even parent wishes, diets, and allergies. To help with billing, it will keep track of child attendance hours and expenses for each child, and then automatically print childcare bills for each child. It will even store staff working hours and generate staff pay statements.

To help with bookkeeping, ChildcareWare™ will track childcare payments and paid childcare bills. It can even run accounting reports to show you which children owe a bill, and what your income is. It even includes a Timeclock program to free up your time from sign-in and sign-out recording, by letting parents and staff sign themselves in/out. To help you stay in touch with parents, it also includes an appointment scheduler and functions to automatically create emails and form letters. It even includes a Palm PDA application that can keep all child records in your Palm PDA when you need to lookup a child's phone number or schedule and are not at the childcare center. Finally, they added daycare forms to the system to let you quickly and easily print forms to give to parents.

The software was designed to help you easily and effectively manage your childcare business. ChildcareWare™ is the only software you need to manage your childcare business.

Some of the amazing features include:

ChildcareWare™ can make your business efficient and less complicated by helping you organize your business on the computer, so that you can devote more time to the creative aspects of your business.

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