Child Safety At Home

By Vanessa Rasmussen, © 2004, All rights reserved.

One of the realities of today's society is the pressure for children to stay home alone for a short time after school until a parent returns from work. Every day thousands of parents make decisions to leave children home alone while they go to work, run errands, or for social engagements.

Before you leave your child at home alone, you should make sure that he/she feels safe and comfortable and can handle the responsibility. Most children are not ready to be left alone until they are at least eleven or twelve years old, but it will also depend on your child's maturity level.

Some things to review before you leave your child home alone include:

When you finally decide to make the decision to leave your child home alone, make it for a short period of time: say thirty minutes and then build up to an hour. Do this gradually so that you and your child can adjust to the new situation. And do be careful and check with the laws in your area on the ages that children can be left alone.

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