Child Care Recordkeeping

By Vanessa Rasmussen, © 2004, All rights reserved.

Record keeping forms an integral part of any childcare service. It is recommended that every childcare provider has an efficient record keeping system in place to ensure smooth operation of their business.

An effective record keeping system will:

Have a separate Business Checking Account

Always have a separate checking account for all your business transactions, even if you provide private childcare service. Do not mix your personal expenses with your daycare business expenses. Deposit every dollar you receive into your account and pay all your expenses by check.

Maintain a Childcare Ledger System

Childcare Ledger systems are easily available and are meant specifically for childcare providers. These ledger systems let a provider keep a track of all their transactions.

File Keeping

Efficient file keeping is vital for the success of any business, let alone childcare service. Try to keep your filing system as simple as possible.

Here are some of the documents that every childcare provider should maintain:

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